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October 12-15, 2017
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October 12-15, 2017
Kris and Jamie headed to Lexington, VA, with Tigger and Dallas for the CBLM Championships.  They won all four of their warm-up classes!  Kris and Tigger placed third in the CBLM Championship First Level, Division B.  Jamie and Dallas were Reserve Champions in the CBLM Championship Second Level, Division A, and placed third in the CBLM Championship First Level, Jr/YR, class.  What a way to end the year!

Year-End Awards
Tigger (Flashfeuer)
    USDF All-Breeds Half Arabian Training Level Open and Vintage – First Place
    USDF All-Breeds Half Arabian First Level Open and Vintage – Second Place
    USEF National Horse of the Year - Half Arabian First Level Open - Champion
    USEF National Horse of the Year - Half Arabian Training Level Open – Res.Champion
    DVCTA High Score Rated Shows Training and First Level Open Champion

Toby (Fames Rebellion)
    Triangle Series Schooling Show-Intro Level Open Champion
    Second Nature Farm Schooling Show-Intro Level Open Res. Champion
    DVCTA High Score Schooling Show Intro Level Open third place

September 5-10, 2017
Kris and Sharon Sexton headed to Raleigh, NC, with Flashfeuer (Tigger) and Furstafire (Jake) for the 15th Annual Arabian Sport Horse National Championship Horse Show.

On Tuesday, Kris and Tigger placed 4th out of 34 competitors in the Half Arabian/Anglo Arabian Training Level Open Championship Class to receive a Top Ten Award.

And then on Thursday they rode down center line in the Half Arabian/Anglo Arabian First Level Open Championship Class to win the Reserve Champion honors out of 21 competitors.

What an amazing end to the Arabian show season!!  Kris is so proud of Tigger for everything he has accomplished this year!!

Sharon and Jake earned three Top Ten honors:  Half Arabian/Anglo Arabian Training Level AAOTR Championship Class, Half Arabian/Anglo Arabian Training Level Junior Horse Championship Class, and Half Arabian/Anglo Arabian Sport Horse In-hand Hunter Type ATH Championship Class.  In the Young Dressage Horse Prospect Championship Class, which was open to 4- and 5-year-olds, they earned the Reserve Championship honors.  With David Connor on the end of the line, Jake won Top Ten honors in both the Half Arabian/Anglo Arabian Sport Horse In-hand Hunter Type Open Championship Class and Dressage Type Open Championship Class.  Sharon was over the moon with how well Jake handled himself throughout the show!!

Warrior Horses for Warrior Kids

Earlier this year, Tigger became a Warrior Horse after raising funds to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  At the Sport Horse Nationals, Tigger and several other horses received their gold ribbons, which represents childhood cancer and their Warrior Horse status.

In the near future, he will be paired with a Warrior Kid who is battling pediatric cancer.

If you would like to know more about this program check it out at https://warriorhorses.org/

August 18, 2017
After a rough couple of months dealing with some complications brought about by his Wobbles surgery, Kris and Toby traveled one mile up the road to compete at Second Nature Farm’s schooling show.  Toby was a real super star, earning 76.562% in Intro-A and 76.25% in Intro B!  We’re hoping everything is under control and Toby will continue to progress through the fall and winter.

August 3-6, 2017
East Coast Championships!!  Pink Ribbon Farm headed back down Interstate 81 to Lexington, VA.  Tigger and Kris won both of their classes in the pre-show and brought home the Championship ribbons in Training Level Open and First Level Open!!  Tigger was a real trooper throughout the show and Kris is really proud of him!

Sharon Sexton and Jake won their two training level dressage classes in the pre-show along with two in-hand classes!  In the East Coast Championships, David Connor ran the triangle twice with Jake in the Open classes and earned not only the Champion Tri-colors but also the high score from both judges!  Sharon and Jake ran the triangle in both of the Amature classes, bringing home the Champion ribbons for both.  Sharon also rode Jake to a Top Five award in the Training Level Amature to Ride Class.  Awesome show for her four-year-old and a great warm-up for Nationals!

Rhonda Roos and Chance (Definitely Magnum) were in the top 50% of their classes in both the pre-show and the Championships, bringing home a third and a sixth in the pre-show.  Chance put in some nice rides and we’re very proud of the way he handled the activity and stress as this was only his second overnight show.  Sadly, when Chance went home, another horse in his barn brought home a virus from the show and it worked its way through their barn.  The barn was put under quarantine and with the timing of Sport Horse Nationals, Chance isn’t allowed to travel to North Carolina.

July 22, 2017
Pink Ribbon Farm hosted a clinic with Phoebe Devoe-Moore.  Kris and five of her students and two riders from up the road at Second Nature Farm each rode individually with Phoebe.  Straightness seemed to be the theme of the day and the riders were given exercises to help their specific positions and horses’ issues.  There was a lot of information passed on to the riders and the auditors who attended.   Thank you Phoebe for a fun and educational day!

July 12-16, 2017
Kris and Bill ventured to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for a little get-away with a couple of dozen other long-distance motorcyclists.  Bill left Sunday morning on his Goldwing and Kris flew up on Wednesday.  The weather was much cooler, in the 50’s the first couple of days, and a welcome relief!  Lake Superior, Pictured Rocks, Porcupine Mountains, and the Tahquamenon River where a few of the attractions visited.  Bill spent two more days taking the scenic ride home through the Tunnel of Trees; Hell, Michigan; and onward through Ohio.  It was a nice change of pace in the “Yoop” where everything is much slower and the people are very friendly.

July 8-9, 2017
Kris and Tigger (Flashfeuer), with Jamie Bays grooming, traveled to Lexington, VA, for the Region XV Arabian Championships.  The weather was very nice for July and they met up with many old friends.  On Saturday, Tigger brought home the Reserve Championship in the Half Arabian Training Level Open with a score of 72.9%.  On Sunday, he earned the Champion Title in the Half Arabian First Level Open Class with a score of 77.35%.  Kris is so proud of Tigger and all of the great comments he’s receiving this year from the judges.

June 16-17, 2017
Kris and four students crossed the river to compete at the NJHAHA Classic.  Kris and Tigger, Sharon and Jake, Grace and Vacation and Diva, and Rhonda and Chance brought home 15 blue ribbons with 9 scores above 70% and 3 scores of 77%!!  Everyone is now qualified for the Arabian Sport Horse National Championships.

June 10, 2017
Six horses and riders from Pink Ribbon Farm headed to Fair Hill for the SEPAHA Schooling Show.  Kris and Tigger scored 73.4% in Training-3 (watch the video) and 72.9% in First-3 to take home the Half-Arabian High Score Award.  Rhonda Roos and Definitely Magnum (Chance) earned 64.8%, 70%, and 72.5% respectively in the three Training Level tests to win the Purebred Arabian High Score Award.  Jamie Bay received 64.7 in Second-2 and 75.9% in First-2 (watch the video) to win both the Open High Score Award and the Adult Amateur High Score Award!  Grace Usdin and GP High Maintenance showed in Second-2 with a score of 62.2% and Second-3 with a score of 64.8.  Sharon Sexton rode Furstafire (Baby Jake) in Training-1 and 2 earning scores of 71.1% and 70.3%.  Both Sharon and Rhonda had an impressive show for moving out of Intro Level!  And Karyn Starr and Our John, who is 22 and competed at his first dressage show, were pleased with their Training-2 score of 64.2% and First-2 score of 61.4%.  Sharon also showed Briz under the guidance of Darcy Miller in Fourth-1 and was very please with her score of 67%.

June 4, 2017
Kris and Fames Rebellion (aka Toby) competed at KA Equestrian Center as part of the Triangle Show Series.  Toby has made nice progress in his balance and using his back.  With Anne Rawle as the judge, he scored 78.1% in Intro A and 80.6% in Intro B (watch the video)!  Comments of “Well prepared” and “Equal bend left and right” were received.  We’re so proud of Toby!

May 19-21, 2017
Kris and Tigger (with Bill grooming again ☺ ) headed to the Horse Park of New Jersey for the NJHAHA I Show.  Friday and Saturday they rode in Training-2 and First-2 each day earning scores from 68.3% to 71.7% and receiving four blue ribbons, Show High Score at Training and First, and Overall High Score on Friday!  Kris also figured out that, while Tigger might enjoy the Sport Horse Under Saddle classes, she couldn’t handle that there is no feedback (i.e., score sheets) from the judges.  A unanimous decision was made by all of the Pink Ribbon Farm staff present that she not compete in these classes in the future….  But on Sunday morning, Kris and Tigger went in the English Trail and the In-hand Trail.  Both had a great time earning scores of 66.5 and 67 in the Trail and 70 and 70.5 in the In-hand Trail!  Thanks to the volunteers and staff for a nice show—as usual.

April 28, 2017
The first rated show of the year!!  Kris and Tigger headed to the Swan Lake Show Grounds for the Mason Dixon Classic Morgan and Arabian Show.  In their first test, Training-2, they earned the best Training Level score yet for both Kris and Tigger with a 77.5% for the win!  In their second test, First-2, they earned Tigger’s best First Level score yet with a 71.4% for another blue ribbon!  That evening, they headed into the Main Ring for the Half Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle-Dressage Type class.  This was their first time venturing into this class and they bested seven other horses to bring home another blue!  This was a show to remember….hopefully a good omen for the rest of the year!

April 22, 2017

Kris and four of her students braved the cool, damp weather at the Blue Goose Stable Schooling Show.  Kris and Tigger rode Training-2 and First-2 and earned 71% in both tests!  This was a nice warm-up for the start of the show season.  Sharon Sexton and her four-year-old, Firstafire, entered Intro-B and Intro-C receiving scores of 73% and 68% respectively.  “Jake” really seemed to enjoy showing off for everyone!  Jamie Bays and Pink Lemonade Shooter, “Dallas”, warmed up with First-3 and a score of 67% and then went down center line for the first time at Second Level and a score of 65% in Second-1!!  Look out for this pair!  Rhonda Roos took her horse, Definitely Magnum, in his first dressage show.  After a wary start in Intro-A (66.8%), they rode a very confident Intro-B to earn a score of 72.5%!  They then went back in to see how the canter would be in Intro-C earning 68.7%.  Both rider and horse were very pleased at the end of their classes.  Angela Whyte rode her Escapade SHF in Training-1 and -2.  After a quiet warm-up, they rode nice and relaxed tests.  Angela was happy with his attentive behavior.  Sharon went back in with her “old, reliable” Ebriz Rakkas under the guidance of Darcy Miller riding Forth Level for the first time!  In their first ride at Fourth-1, they scored 57%.  After a short break, they went back in to ride the same test and earned a 62%!  Way to go Sharon and “Briz”.  Onward to that Silver Medal.

April 21, 2017

Kris and Fames Rebellion (aka Toby) headed up to Second Nature Farm for a schooling show.  The rain let up just in time for their warm-up which was a good thing since it wasn’t very warm!  Toby went down centerline in Intro-A and Intro-B and received 68% in both tests.  We were very pleased with his willingness during the show and are looking forward to seeing how far he can go.

February 24, 2017

The new indoor is open for riding!  Kris and Tigger enjoyed riding under roof at Pink Ribbon Farm today.  There was still some earth moving equipment working on the outside to provide a bit of a distraction, but it was wonderful to finally ride inside the building!


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