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Meet the Pink Ribbon team:

Kris Poole - Owner, Instructor, Trainer, USDF Bronze Medalist
Bill Campbell - Owner, IT Department, Amateur Handler

SM Sekar

AB Sunset Hunter +//

Fames Rebellion

Flashfeuer +

Kris Poole

Hi, my name is Kris Poole.  I’ve been riding and working with horses for over 40 years.  I’ve learned a lot along the way.  After many years of trying to force a horse to do what I wanted, either through fear, pain, or brute strength, I’ve figured out a better way.  Good communication with your horse requires understanding horse psychology and being able to figure out why your horse does what he does and reacts the way he reacts.    Understanding the bio-mechanics of riding, allows us to not only ride correctly, but to not interfere negatively with the horse while we’re riding.  To be able to speak your horse’s language and communicate clearly without giving mixed signals is the ultimate reward for a horseman and more importantly, the horse.

I believe in working with owners on their own horses to improve their riding and communication.  Whether you are interested in improving in the show ring or simply want to have a more enjoyable ride at home, learning the bio-mechanics of riding will help.  And if you want to have a horse who is a willing participant, learning to understand how your horse thinks will bring you closer together.  Feel free to come and meet my horses and see what I’m talking about.  I specialize in dressage and natural horsemanship but teach all styles of riding and horse handling.

Thank you to these great horse people and the many others who have helped and continue to help me understand the horse and myself better.

*        Pam Thompson started it all by introducing me to eventing and dressage back in the 70’s and she is still helping me out today.

*        Judy Whyte in Southern Maryland took me from riding mostly with my hands to someone who understands the fundamentals of dressage and has learned to love the sport and the journey.

*        Ray Wheeler in Lothian, MD, opened my eyes to horse psychology and behavior and how we can all benefit from understanding our horses better.

*        Michael Bragdell from Hill Top Farm has been working with me since the fall of 2009.  With his help I have greatly improved my understanding of dressage and my riding ability.

Thank you all for your help and wisdom!

A little bit of background about me:

*        I grew up in Chester County, PA, riding Arabians and participating in 4-H

*        Over the years I have ridden western, saddle seat, hunt seat, race horses, eventing, competitive trail rides, trail classes, and dressage

*        I am retired from the US Marine Corps Reserves

*        I am a Breast Cancer Survivor

*        I am a retired Montgomery County Maryland Police Officer

*        I am married to a wonderful man who supports my crazy love of horses and teaching – Thanks Bill!


If you just listen, God does show you the way!


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Bill Campbell

Well, what can I say? I'm your typical city-boy, computer-geek, Trekkie and motorcycle lover. What does any of this have to do with horses? Absolutely nothing! Except that everything I knew about horses, up until I met Kris, I learned from watching television!

I'll be the first to admit that I don't have that passion about horses that so many of you have. Maybe someday I will. But I do have a passion for and about Kris and slowly I'm being coaxed over to the "dark side". Kind of like how you catch a loose horse with a treat. It's not a question of if you'll catch the loose horse, just a question of when. Slowly but surely I'm being caught!

I started out going to a Dressage schooling show with Kris while we were dating. Then stopping at the end of our dates so that Kris could check-in on Hunter and say goodnight to him. At our first Christmas together, Kris gave me my very own manure fork, with my name labeled on it so that no one else would use it. And my very own horsie, a stick pony!

In the spring of 2009, Kris (and I'm sure Sharon Sexton played a large part in this) suggested I show Hunter In-Hand. After some practicing we went to my first schooling show and I took 2 first places! I should have quit when I was ahead. One thing we realized is that Hunter is not really built very well for showing In-Hand.

After Kris & I became engaged we began looking for a horse farm. I mean, doesn't it make sense to keep your own horse and save those boarding fees? Sure it does! While we were looking, we kept throwing different farm names about, trying to decide on one for our future horse farm. That's when we decided on "Pink Ribbon Farm", after the breast cancer that so impacted both of our lives and ultimately led to us being together. After several months we found a 15 acre horse farm just a couple miles away that fit the bill just right. I remember when we met the realtor for the first look at the property. She said "let's go take a look inside the house". Kris replied "I don't want to see the house, I want to see the barn!"

So at this point you'd think (at least I thought), well, this is nice. Kris & I, Hunter the wonderhorse, Buddy our Jack Russell Terrorist and a 15 acre horse farm. Oh no. Remember how Hunter was really not built well for showing In-Hand? What's the cure for that? Buy another horse! And that's where Fames Rebellion (aka Toby) came in. I'm proud to say that I actually picked him out from the possibilities that Kris had narrowed down in her search.

Last, but not least, Kris & I were married on June 11th, 2011, right here on our farm!

So, that's my story. I've still not actually ridden a horse. Someday, maybe. What an adventure that will be!

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S.M. Sekar


When I first met Sekar in the fall of 1987, he was high as a kite!  It took half an hour for him to bring his head down to my level.  He was an unbroken, five-year-old, part-Arabian who had shown at a couple of shows in the halter division.  I fell in love.  Why?  I’m still not sure.  But I don’t regret any of the 21 years we had together.

Sekar and I showed a few years at the Arabian shows.  The last year the East Coast Show was held at Devon, he won the Hunter Under Saddle class and was Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure – and I was riding with my arm in a cast in a sling!!  He was also the Champion Hunter Pleasure at the Hughsville, PA show.  But what I really wanted to do was the hunter trials (like a 3-day event, but all in one day).  He was no super-star in the dressage ring, but get out of his way on the cross-country.  It didn’t matter what the terrain, or where the jumps were, he would just fly.  And the only things that bothered him in the stadium were yellow rails and plastic tarps.  He was a lot of fun for someone learning the ropes. 

As the years passed, Sekar became the ultimate trail horse.  He was the one you rode when there was a baby going out for the first time or when you were going new, unknown places.  There wasn’t anything he wouldn't go past or over, regardless of how the other horses were acting.  He also taught many riders the joy of trail riding.


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 AB Sunset Hunter +//

1994 bay Anglo-Arabian gelding 

Hunter and Kris spent many years learning and competing together in dressage and trail classes (obstacles).  In 2012, Hunter was officially retired from riding due to seizures.  He now enjoys the job of welcoming everyone to the barn.  He really is a special horse with an over-sized personality.  More like a dog than a horse, Hunter will come on command, stay when told, move from hand signals, and several other “tricks” that make him fun and easy to handle.  Years ago, he opened Kris’ eyes to the benefits of “natural horsemanship” and understanding equine language.  He is a wonderful little horse who will always hold a special place in Kris’ heart.

Some of Hunter and Kris’ show accomplishments are:

AHA Life Time Achievement Awards

2010    Legion of Excellence

2008    Legion of Supreme Honor (all points earned at USDF open shows)

2007    Legion of Honor (all points earned at USDF open shows)

2011      AHA Mason Dixon Classic - High Score First Level Dressage 70% (for the show)

            AHA NJHAHA - High Score First and Second Level Dressage 69% (both days)

            AHA Region 15 Championships - Champion HA English Trail Horse

            USDF All Breeds First Level - Reserve Champion

2010    AHA Region 15 Championships and AHA East Coast Championships

            Champion HA/AA First Level Dressage

            Reserve Champion HA/AA Second Level Dressage

2010    AHA Mason Dixon Classic and VAHA Sport Horse Show

            Both shows - Champion High Score Second Level Dressage

2009    US Arabian Sport Horse Nationals

            Top Ten HA/AA First Level Dressage

            Top Ten HA/AA Training Level Dressage

2009    USDF Dressage at Stone Tavern

            Reserve Champion High Score Second Level Dressage – Day 1

2009    AHA Region 15 Championships

            Top Five HA/AA First Level Dressage

            Top Five HA/AA Training Level Dressage

2009    NJHAHA All Arabian Show

            Champion High Score First Level Dressage Day 2

            Champion High Score Training Level Dressage Day 1

2006    USDF Dressage at Fair Hill

            Champion High Score Training Level Dressage

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 Fames Rebellion

(2008 bay tobiano Arabian-Saddlebred cross)

In the fall of 2010, we purchased Fames Rebellion, aka Toby.  After competing in two shows in early 2011 and wining in the in-hand classes and earning high score awards in Intro Dressage, Toby was diagnosed with Wobbles Syndrome.  We decided to take him to Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Kentucky for “basket surgery”.  After a year of recovery and rehab, Toby again competed in dressage with great scores through Training Level-Test 2.  In early 2013, we came to the realization that he was not ready to continue his dressage training due to the physical limitations from the surgery.   Toby was then leased to another trainer where he enjoyed teaching young people how to ride at the walk and trot.  At the end of 2016, Toby came home.  We’re interested to see if, after time given to mature and become accustomed to his disabilities, Toby can enjoy dressage again.  Stay tuned!!

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(2006 chestnut Arabian-Trakehner cross)

In March of 2015, we purchased Flashfeuer, aka Tigger, from Jim and Suzanne McKinley in Alabama.  Tigger did not have much show experience but there was just something about him that spoke to Kris.  Kris and Tigger spent the first six months working with Michael Bragdell at Hilltop Farm and Jeremy Beale at Pen-y-Bryn Equestrian Center to get Tigger to go to the bit and over his back.  During that time, Kris and Tigger competed at several shows, earning several High Score Awards and blue ribbons.  In September of 2015, they traveled to Raleigh, NC, for the Arabian Sport Horse National Championships.  They competed in the Training Level Open Class with 36 entries and earned the Reserve National Championship with a 71%!  They also were awarded the 2015 USDF All-Breeds Champion Half-Arabian Open Training Level and Vintage Cup Awards.  Shortly after the SHN show we realized that Tigger’s suspensory ligaments on both hind legs were bothering him so he was given 2016 for a slow recovery.  We’re looking forward to seeing how he’ll do in 2017! 

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Some photography on this website is courtesy of Lynn Kaufman, Equine Photography by Suzanne, Annie Duncan, Pam Thompson and Kris' cellphone!

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