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October 18, 2015
Just down the road at Blue Goose Stable, Kris and Mary Jane Arden’s horse Dallas competed at the schooling show that was rescheduled from October 4th due to the after effects of a Nor’easter.  The weather was very cold which apparently suited Dallas!  He scored an impressive 69.0% in Training 2 and a 68.8% in Training 3!

September 20, 2015
Kris and Flashfeuer and Sharon Sexton and Furstafire traveled to Raleigh, NC, for the 13th Annual Sport Horse National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show.

Kris and Flashfeuer rode their Half-Arabian Training Level Championship test early in the morning and had to wait until after 2pm for the last of 36 horses to ride their tests.  Once all the scores were posted, Flashfeuer’s score of 71.591% put him in second place to bring home the Reserve Championship trophy!  We were happy to share the day with Flashfeuer’s breeders, Lee and Suzanne McKinley, who traveled from Alabama to watch!  Thanks for such a great horse!

Furstafire, handled by David Conner, won the Half-Arabian Sport Horse 2 Year Old Geldings In Hand Championship.  This entitled him to go back in front of the judges with all of the other 2 Year Old Champions to compete for the Supreme Champion 2 Year Old Title.  After much breath holding while waiting for the judges’ cards to be tallied, Furstafire, handled this time by Miller Pinson, was awarded the title and bragging rights!!  Many congratulations to Sharon and her amazing horse!

September 12-13, 2015
Kris and Flashfeuer ventured to Morven Park, VA, for the VADA/Nova Autumn Dressage Competition.  Showing in Training Level 1 and 2, Flashfeuer was a real gentleman and placed first in two classes and second in the other two with scores ranging from 68% to 73%.

August 15-26, 2016
Off to the Quentin Riding Club for the WPDA Summer Sizzler and the Summer Sizzler Encore.  It was another weekend of well run back-to-back shows and the weather was not too hot for August!

Sharon Sexton and Ebriz Rakkas brought home two blue ribbons for the weekend and the Arabian Hi-Score for Saturday.  They also completed the scores needed for both of their USDF Rider and Horse Second Level Certificates!

Sharon also showed Linda Swank’s Morgan, WB Momint.  “Wilee” scored 65% in both his training level classes to earn enough scores for USDF All-Breeds.  At 22 years-old, we’re very proud of him having a 66% median.  

Linda Swank showed her other Morgan, Spring Hollow Destrier, in training level.  She was a bit nervous on Saturday, but pulled it together on Sunday and won both of her classes and the Morgan Hi-Score for the day.  They now have all of their USDF All-Breed scores needed.

Kris took her horse, Flashfeuer.  They brought home two blue ribbons and the Half Arabian Hi-Score for Saturday with scores ranging from 69% to 73%.  They also have all of the needed scores for USDF All-Breeds with a median score of 70.7%.

Next up……US Arabian Sport Horse Nationals!!  Kris and Sharon will be taking Flashfeuer (Training Level Open) and Furstafire (Sport Horse In-Hand: Two-Year-Old Geldings) down to Raleigh, NC, in September.

August 5, 2015
Kris and Linda Swank took their two boys to Dressage at Blue Goose III.  Both horses performed well despite talking to each other during their tests!  And Kris and Linda were able to add some more scores to their USDF All-Breed totals.

July 30 –August 2, 2015
Pink Ribbon Farm took five horses to the Arabian East Coast Championships at Lexington, VA.

Sharon Sexton’s Furstafire won all four of his in-hand classes (two dressage type and two hunter type) in the pre-show.  He went on to win the Championship in the Dressage Type ATR.  He was also Reserve Champion in both the Dressage Type Open and Hunter Type ATR and earned a Top Five in the Hunter Type Oen.

Sharon and her second level horse Ebriz Rakkas earned the Reserve Champion ribbon in the Second Level ATR class with a 69% which earned them their fourth Dover Medal!  They also brought home a Top Five from the Second Level Open class.

Tracey Norcini and IMA Irish Playboy brought home the Reserve Champion title in Training Level Open and a Top Five in Training Level AATR with a 74%.  Kris riding Irish in First Level Open narrowly missed a Top Five at only his second time showing that test.

Grace Usdin took both of her mares.  In Training Level, Vacation won the Champion ribbon in AOTR with a 70% and a Top Five in AATR with a 73% and GP High Maintenance (Diva) brought home a Top Five in the AOTR class with a 68%.  In First Level, Vacation earned the Reserve Champion ribbon in the ATR class with Diva less than half a point behind her for a Top Five honor.

July 19, 2015
Kris returned to Blue Goose Stables for another schooling show with Mary Jane Arden’s Dallas and Kris’ own Tigger.  Dallas put in a wonderful ride in Training-3 and earned a 66%.  With a heat index over 100 degrees, Dallas was scratched from his First Level test and sent home to cool off in front of his fan!

Tigger didn’t seem to mind the heat and put in two solid tests scoring a 72% in Training-2 and a 73.8% in Training-3.  Everyone was pleased with the day but very glad to get home and into the air conditioning!

July 5, 2015
Sharon Sexton and Kris traveled back to the Horse Park of NJ for the Dressage in the Park, a USDF show.  They took Sharon’s Firstafire (Jake) for the Breed show and Kris’ Flashfeuer (Tigger) for the dressage.  Jake won the 2-year-old Colts/Geldings Open class and the Young Horse Colts/Geldings Championship along with the Arabian/Half-Arabian class.  Way to go little guy!

Tigger and Kris placed fourth out of ten entries in the First-2 class with a score of 67%.  They then went on to win the Training-2 class with a score of 76%.  This earned them the High Score Training Level ribbon for the show! 

Update on Kris’ New Horse
In March of this year, Kris and Bill purchased a new horse from Lee and Suzanne McKinley in Alabama!  Flashfeuer (aka Tigger) is a 9-year-old Arabian/Trakehner cross.  Kris has been taking lesson from Michael Bragdell and Jeremy Beale on Tigger to get him ready for the show ring.  They showed at the June 21st schooling show at Blue Goose Stables to work some bugs out.  On July 1st, they competed at Dressage at Blue Goose II, a USDF show.  Tigger won his First-1 class with a 68% and placed 4th in Training-2 with a 70%!

June 21, 2015
Kris rode Mary Jane Arden’s Dallas at the Blue Goose Stable’s schooling show.  Dallas again moved up to higher tests and earned a 67% in Training-3 and had a wonderful First-1 ride for a 64%.  We are so proud of Dallas for making the move up to First Level!

June 12-14, 2015
Pink Ribbon Farm returned to the NJHAHA show at the Horse Park of New Jersey.  Sharon Sexton showed Ebriz Rakkas at Second Level and won another Dover Medal on Sunday with a 66%!  Tracey Norcini and IMA Irish Playboy won the High Score Amateur award for the second time this year!  And Grace Usdin rode her two mares, High Maintenance and Vacation, to multiple wins in Training and First Level.  What an amazing weekend.

June 6-7, 2015
Linda Swank’s Morgans went to the Western Pennsylvania Dressage Association’s show at Quentin, PA.  Since Linda had an injury, there was a last minute rider change.  Sharon Sexton, who had been riding WB Momint for Linda, also rode Spring Hollow Destrier.  Both horses showed in Training 2 and 3 both days.  They consistently placed one behind the other but not always in the same order!  On Sunday in Training 2 Amateur, WB Momint scored a 71.154% for the blue ribbon with Spring Hollow Destrier scoring a close second with 70.769%.  This gave WB Momint the High Score Morgan for the show! 

May 23-24, 2015
At the Maryland Dressage Association Show at Heavenly Waters, Doug Binder on Country Dandyman won the Junior Division of Training-2 on Saturday and earned a qualifying score for the CBLM Championships!  Also on Saturday, Paul DeLillio and Santa Catalina won the Adult Amateur Division of Second-1 with a 66%.  On Sunday, Paul and Lina won the AA Second-3 test with a score of 67%.  What a beautiful ride!

May 15-17, 2015
Sharon Sexton and Tracey Norcini competed at the NJHAHA Show at the Horse Park of New Jersey.  On Friday, Tracey and Ima Irish Playboy brought home the High Score Training Level Ribbon and the High Score Amature Award.  They also placed second in all of their Trail Classes on Sunday-this was their first time competing in Trail!

Sharon Sexton and Ebriz Rakkas won the Dover Medal on Saturday at the breed show and again on Sunday at the Open show!  Way to go Sharon.  To complete her weekend, her 2-year-old, Furstafire, received consistently high scores between 79% and 83% from both judges in his two in-hand classes.  Against all ages, he brought home a first, two seconds, and a third!  We’re looking forward to seeing what he does in open competition in July.

May 9, 2015

Pink Ribbon Farm was well represented at the SEPAHA Schooling Show at Fair Hill.  As usual, the show was well run and everyone had fun.  Kris had eight client/horse combinations there.  Kris and Dallas started the day with Dallas moving up to Training Level and receiving a 67% in Training-1!  All of the Pink Ribbon Farm team scored above 60% through out the day with rides at Training Level through Second Level.  We all look forward to showing here again next year.

April 26, 2015

Kris held her first Halter Handling/Trail Obstacle Clinic of 2015.  The weather was beautiful and everyone had a fun, safe time.  Color was added this year with hula hoops, pool noodles, and colorful balls!  The humans enjoyed all of the different ways the horses expressed curiosity and surprise.  The most difficult thing for everyone was the shadows of the twirling pinwheels made in the afternoon sun, but not the pinwheels themselves!  We’re all looking forward the next clinic in May. Click on the images below for a larger view in a new window.


April 25, 2015

The first recognized show of the season!  PRF went to the Mason Dixon Classic, a Morgan/Arabian Breed Show.  We took Linda Swank’s two Morgan geldings, Spring Hollow Destrier and WB Momint (Willie), in Training Level Dressage and Sharon Sexton’s Half Arabian/Half Hanoverian, Furstafire, in the Sport-Horse-In-Hand. 

Linda won three of her classes on “Desi” and Sharon was second in those same classes on Willee.  Sharon won the other class and Linda was second!  Linda took home the tri-color ribbon for High Score Training Level Morgan and Sharon was Reserve High Score.  An unbeatable four-some!

Sharon’s two-year-old was a very well behaved boy in his in-hand classes earning scores of 79, 80, and two 83’s!  He also brought home the tri-colored High Score Ribbon for Half-Arabian Geldings.

Way to go Pink Ribbon Farm!

April 12, 2015

After a long cold winter with limited riding, Pink Ribbon Farm clients ventured out to their first dressage schooling show for the year at KA Equestrian Center in Cochranville, PA. 

Sharon Sexton took her new two-year-old, Furstafire, into the sport horse in-hand class and won with a score of 79.7.  We are very proud of how calm and obedient he was at the show.

Doug Binder and Country Dandyman won the Intro A class with a score of 66.9% (Doug is a PRF Alum currently training with Fiona Gowers).  Intro B was the largest class of the day with twelve entries.  Kris rode Mary Jane Arden’s Dallas to the win with a 75%, Liz Hausner on Blue Shadow was second with a 72.8%, and Doug placed fifth with a 63.4%.  Liz also placed fifth in the Training 1 class with a score of 62.2%.

In the afternoon, Linda Swank, riding Spring Hollow Destrier, won the Training 2 class with a score of 67.5% and Sharon, riding Linda’s horse WB Momint, placed second with a score of 65%.  In Training 3, Grace Usdin, riding GP High Maintenance, won the class with a score of 65.9% and Linda placed second with a score of 63.6%.  Grace also won the First 1 class with a score of 60%.  This was Linda’s first show on her new horse, Desi, and Grace’s first time down center line at First Level!

At the end of the day, Dallas won the Intro Level High Score, Linda won the Training Level Reserve High Score, and Grace won the First Level High Score.  And all of us were thankful for the beautiful spring weather!


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