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April 2014  

May 24 & 25, 2014

Kris earned her USDF Bronze Medal!!  Kris stepped Ebriz Rakkas+/, Sharon Sexton’s Arabian, up to third level at the USDF Heavenly Waters Dressage Show.  On Saturday they won Third-1 and Third-2 with scores of 64.7% and 63.5%.  These scores completed the necessary requirements for Kris to earn her Bronze Medal.  On Sunday, Briz again won Third-2 with a score of 60.9% and placed third in Third-1 with a score of 62.5%.  Sharon will be showing Briz for the rest of the summer at Second and Third Level.  Good Luck to them both!

Paul DeLillio and his mare, Santa Catalina, also went to Heavenly Waters.  This was their first USDF show.  They came home with some amazing scores.  On Saturday, they won Training-3 with a score of 71.8% and placed second in First-3 with a 68.5%.  On Sunday, they were second in both Training-3 and First-3 with scores of 70.0% and 69.1%.   Way to go Paul and Lina!  We’re looking forward to an exciting summer for them.

May 10, 2014

SE PA Arabian Horse Association held its Dressage Schooling Show at Fair Hill.  Pink Ribbon Farm was well represented with six riders!  In Training-1; Grace Usdin and her horse, Vacation, won the class; Tracey Norcini and IMA Irish Playboy placed second; Linda Swank and WB Momint finished third; and Liz Hausner and Blue Shadow finished fourth!!!  In Training-2; Grace and Vacation again won; Linda and WB Momint finished second; and Liz and Shadow placed third.  In Training-3; Tracey and Irish won the class and Paul DeLillio and Santa Catalina placed third.  Paul and Lina also rode First-3 to a first place.  Kris and Sharon Sexton’s horse, Ebriz Rakkas, rode Third Level, the first time for both of them.  They earned scores of 58% in both Third-1 and Third-2 for a second and first place respectively.

To top off the day, Grace was the Hi Score Adult Amateur and her horse, Vacation, was the Hi Score Pure-bred Arabian of the show and Tracey Norcini’s horse, Irish, was the Hi-Score Part-bred Arabian of the show.

Way to go “Team Pink Ribbon Farm”!

April 2014

We made it through the long winter! 

On April 19th, Pink Ribbon Farm went to Blue Goose Stable’s schooling show.  Doug and his new horse, Country Dandyman, gave a good showing, riding Intro B twice to get “Danny” some miles in the show ring.  Liz and Blue Shadow won their Intro B class and placed second in Training 1 with two really nice rides.  Tracey and Irish rode to the blue in Training 1 with a forward consistent ride and Kris rode Irish to a third in Training 3.  The Show Season has started!!!

On April 25th and 26th, Kris took Linda Swank and her Morgan, WB Momint, and Tracey Norcini and her Arabian/Irish Sport Horse, IMA Irish Playboy, to the Mason Dixon Classic (an Arabian/Morgan recognized Breed Show).  On Friday, both horses were shown by their owners in Intro C and Training 1 (in their respective breeds) and came out with the blue in all four classes!  In the afternoon, Kris showed both horses in Training 3 and earned second place on both (in their respective breeds).  On Saturday, Linda took “Wilee” back in Intro B and Training 1 under a different judge and again won the blue in both classes!  Wilee, who is 21-years-old, has been back in training for four weeks after being “retired” from pleasure riding for over five years.  And to make the show even better, the Pink Ribbon Farm riders took home four High Score Awards!  Tracey and Irish were High Score Intro (78%) and High Score Training (74%) for the Arabian/Half-Arabians.  Linda and Wilee were High Score Intro (71%) for the Morgans.  And Kris and Wilee were Reserve High Score Training (69%) for the Morgans.  Needless to say, we all came home smiling!


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