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Mule Does Dressage! Black Friday Dressage Show
Pot Luck Dinner  

December 2, 2012

Pink Ribbon Farm clients and their families gathered at Kris and Bill’s house for a pot luck dinner.  This was a time to socialize, talk to people you would just say hi to in passing, and meet new clients.  The food and drink was plentiful and it was nice to relax and spend time with horse friends.  Kris and Bill would like to thank Doug, Jerry, Linda, Liz, Maddie, Mary Jane, Paul, Rachael, Sharon, and Tracey for a wonderful year of lessons, training, and showing.  We can’t wait to see what next year brings!

We’d like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukah!

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November 23, 2012 - Black Friday

Pink Ribbon Farm took three clients to Second Nature Farm’s Black Friday Schooling Show.  The weather was perfect and their new indoor was very nice. 

Kris again rode Jerry Lamenzo and Mary Jane Arden’s mule, Doc Holliday, in Intro A and Intro B (Open Division).  Doc was very consistent for his first time in an indoor arena.  He received a 63.75% and a 65.625 respectively; earning a second place in both classes.  We’re all proud of our little mule! 

Doug Binder and Sir Oliver rode Intro B and Training 1 (Junior Division) and earned 63.75% and 59.583 respectively.  They received a fourth place in Intro B and missed a second place in Training 1 by less than 3 tenths of a point.  Way to go Doug and Ollie. 

Tracey Norcini and Kris both rode Tracey’s horse SH Nuveau in First Level, Test 3 (Adult Amateur and Open Divisions respectively).  This was the first time competing in this test for both Tracey and Newt.  Kris rode first and earned a very respectable score of 64.839%.  Tracey and Newt earned a 62.581%!  We can’t wait to see what this pair does next show season.  No pressure, Tracey!

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November 17, 2012

Kris headed back to Blue Goose Stable’s last show of the year with a new ride, Doc Holiday.  Doc is a nine year-old mule owned by Jerry Lamenzo and Mary Jane Arden.  Kris and Doc rode in Intro A and Intro B, earning 67.5% and 66.25% respectively.  This was Doc’s first time competing and he received the highest Intro B test score of the day!  For those of you not familiar with mules, they are very smart and willing to learn.  Way to go Doc.

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September 9, 2012

Pink Ribbon Farm took four horses and four rider/handlers to the Blue Ridge Arabian Horse Association’s Futurity Show in Bel Air, Maryland . 

Fames Rebellion (aka Toby) and Kris won the Four Year Old Partbred Futurity Halter Class.  Toby and Kris also won the Open Partbred Arabian Four and Over Geldings and Mares Class which qualified them to compete in the Championship Class for the Jasmine Perpetual Trophy.  Toby had won this trophy as a two-year old with his previous owner and we were very pleased when he won it again this year as a four-year old!  Way to go Toby!

Sharon Sexton and Ebriz Rakkas earned the Sport Horse in Hand Purebred Arabian Champion ribbon and the Open (all breeds) Reserve Champion ribbon.  Sharon and Briz also entered the Halter Handling (non-mounted trail classes) and the Trail Classes for the first time.  They did well in the Halter Handling, earning ribbons in all three classes entered.  They excelled in the Trail Classes, tying for first place in both of their classes with fellow PRF student Tracey Norcini and her horse SH Nuveau.  This was also Tracey and Newt’s first go at the Trail Class!  Tracey and Newt also entered in the Halter Handling and placed well, even winning the blue in one class.

Maddie Runge and AB Sunset Hunter broke out of their dressage mold and earned a second place in the Halter Handling, Junior to Handle.  They also won both of their Trail Classes, Junior to Handle and Maiden Rider.  Way to go Maddie.

Kris paired up with Hunter, her true, blue, steady, Eddie, and won two Halter Handling classes and both the Open Partbred and Open (all breeds) Trail Classes.  At 18-years old, Hunter still has it!!  Hunter and Kris also went in their first “round-de-round” class with multiple horses.  Even though they placed second out of ten riders in the Hunter Pleasure Senior Rider Class, Hunter made it clear that he will be much happier back in the dressage and trail classes where he has the entire ring to himself!!

Thank you BRAHA for putting on a wonderful show with plenty of variety.

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August 26, 2012

Rachel Evangelista and her horse Ziva the Diva, placed fourth at the DVCTA #2 at Carousel Park Horse Trials in the Novice Rider A Division.  Ziva turned in her lowest dressage score to date.  Congratulations!!  (Note: for you dressage riders – a low score in Horse Trials is a good thing!!)

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August 12, 2012

We had another beautiful day for showing at Blue Goose Stables Annual Pink Flamingo Schooling Show.  Kris and Toby showed in Training 1 and Training 2 receiving the highest scores in each class of 68.333 and 70.179 respectively.

New student, Doug Binder and his pony, Sir Oliver, competed in Intro A and Intro B receiving scores of 65.625% and 68.125%.  They will be moving up to Training 1 at their next show.  Way to go Doug and Ollie!

Tracey Norcini and SH Nuveau earned 63.6% in Training 3.  They then made the move up to First Level (the first time for both horse and rider) and received a very nice score of 63.621% at First 1.  No more excuses!!

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July 24, 2012

Fames Rebellion (aka Toby) has officially moved up to Training Level!  At Blue Goose Stable’s schooling show, Toby and Kris competed in Training 1 and Training 2 and received scores of 70.0% and 70.357% respectively.  We very proud of Toby and all that he’s accomplished since his surgery.  We’re also very thankful to Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital for making it possible for Toby to compete in dressage.

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July 11, 2012

Just shy of one year from the date of his Wobbles surgery, Fames Rebellion (aka Toby) competed in his first Training Level test at Blue Goose Stables schooling show yesterday.  Kris and Toby scored 66.8% in the Intro B test and 67.2% in Training 1.  Toby was very relaxed and got positive comments on his impulsion and balance.  Kris is really enjoying working with him and is looking forward to more schooling shows this summer.

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July 9, 2012

Pink Ribbon Farm students braved the 100+ temps to attend the Arabian Horse Association, Region 15 Championships in Lexington Virginia over the weekend.   On Saturday, Maddie Runge and Hunter put in a beautiful ride in the Training Level – JTR 13 and under class.  They scored 72.2% and were pinned Reserve Champion in a class of nine.  Maddie returned to the ring on Sunday and rode both Hunter and SH Nuveau in the Intro Level – ATR 11 & Over class.  Out of ten competitors, Maddie and Hunter took home the Championship ribbon with a very nice ride.  Maddie’s ride on SH Nuveau was a lovely ride that was the spectator’s vote for number one.  Way to go Maddie!

Ebriz Rakkas won three Top Five awards.  With his owner, Sharon Sexton, he was Top Five in Training Level-AATR, 40 and over, with a score of 70.4%; that was less than 1% behind the Champion.  Also with Sharon, he was Top Five in First Level- AATR with a 69.516%.  With Kris, he was Top Five in First Level–Open with a score of 68.225%.  In the Training Level-Open class, against 19 horses, Kris and Ebriz scored 70.4%, just missing out on a Top Five award.  We’re very pleased with Ebriz’s progress this year!

Despite having a very negative reaction to the fireworks display on July 4th, SH Nuveau and owner Tracey Norcini brought home the Reserve Champion ribbon in Training Level-AATR, 40 and over, with a score of 70.8%.  The pair also pinned Top Five in the Training Level-Select AATR with a score of 68.0%.  Nuveau and Kris earned a Top Five in the Training Level-Open class, against 19 horses, with a score of 71.6%.  We’re proud to say that Tracey is now a total convert to Dressage from the dark side of the hunter ring!

Kris is looking forward to next year’s Regional Championships when she plans to have Maddie and Tracey competing in the First Level classes.

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June 18, 2012

We returned to the Horse Park of New Jersey for the NJHAHA Classic Arabian Show. 

On Friday, Sharon Sexton’s horse Ebriz Rakkas earned a second place in First 3-ATR, with a score of 67.581%.  On Saturday, they placed first in the same class with a score of 63.387. 

Maddie Runge had a knock-out show with Hunter.  They were High Score Intro Level both days with 74% and 72%.  They also won the Training 1-JTR Class both Days.  On Saturday, Maddie was the High Score Junior Rider of the day!

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NJHAHA Arabian Show - May 21, 2012

Kris, Maddie, and Tracey took Nuveau to the NJHAHA Arabian show over the weekend at the Horse Park of New Jersey.  On Friday, Maddie earned 62% in both her Intro B-JTR and Training 1-JTR tests for a fourth and a third place.  Kris rode in the Training 3-Open and earned a 71.6% for the blue ribbon.  Tracey won her Training 1-Open class with a 71.875% and her score of 73.2% in Training 3-ATR earned the High Score Training Level award for the day and also won the Patt Bealer Memorial Amateur High Point Award for Friday.

On Saturday, Maddie placed second in her Intro B-JTR class with a 72.5%; a marked improvement over Friday.  She also earned a 62.5% in her Training 1-JTR class for a fourth place.  Tracey placed second in Training 1-Open and Training 3-ATR with scores of 71.667% and 70.8%.

Sunday was the Sport Horse classes (these were two judge classes).  Tracey received a third and a fourth from the two in-hand judges in the Pure Bred Arabian Geldings 4 and over.  In the Pure Bred Sport Horse Under Saddle-ATR class she placed second and fourth.  After an equipment change, she went back into the Championship Class and came away Champion under one judge and Reserve Champion under the other judge.  Way to go Tracey!!  Maddie, in her first non-dressage competition, placed second and third in the Pure Bred Sport Horse Under Saddle-JTR class.

Tracey’s other horse, IMA Irish Playboy, competed in the Hunter classes with his Junior Rider Maddison Wheatcraft (very confusing having two junior riders with the same name).   On Friday, Maddy and Irish were Reserve Champion in the Working Hunter Division-ATR, and placed second and third in equitation. On Saturday, they were again second and third in equitation.  And on Sunday, they were Reserve Champion Half Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle-JTR.

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SE-PAHA Schooling Show at Fair Hill - May 12, 2012

Maddie Runge and Hunter went to the SE-PAHA schooling show at Fair Hill and rode away with the Champion Hi-Score Half Arabian of the show!  They scored an impressive 75% in the Intro B class for a second place and won the Training Level 1 test with a 69%.

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PRF Student Updates - May 8, 2012

Pink Ribbon Farm students have taken their horses to several shows and horse trials already this Spring.  Maddie Runge, a brand new equestrian, has been riding Hunter and taking lessons from Kris.  At her very first show she earned 63% in both her Intro A and Intro B tests.  At her second show she earned an amazing 69.6% in Intro B and moved up to Training Level with a 62% at Training 1.  We’re very proud of Maddie and Hunter.

Sharon Sexton has been working on becoming more consistent at First Level with her horse Ebriz.  They are hoping to be competitive at the AHA Regional Championships this year in both Training and First Levels.

Kris has been working with Tracey Norcini and her horse SH Nuveau++//.  Tracey, a long time hunter rider, decided to concentrate on dressage full time.  Her hard work this winter has paid off.  This past weekend, they scored 66% in Training 1 and 65% in their Training 3 test at Blue Goose Stables.  Tracey is working towards the AHA Regional Championships.  She has also graciously offered Nuveau to Maddie to ride in the junior-to-ride classes.

Another new dressage student, Rachel Evangelista and her horse Ziva, placed first at the St Augustine Pony Club Springfest Horse Trials in the Novice Rider Division.  Congratulations!!

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Toby's First Schooling Show - March 23, 2012

Toby had his last follow-up exam for his Wobbles surgery on March 6th.  After his neurological exam and neck x-rays, the vets at New Bolton Center were vacillating between rating him a 0 or a .25 on the ataxia scale.  Because of his improvement, we received permission to start adding canter work under saddle.  Of course, Toby was very pleased with that!

This past weekend, Toby and Kris went back to Just-a-Plain Farm for another schooling show.  Toby warmed up nicely, but got a little nervous waiting outside to go back in for his tests.  He placed first in his Intro A test with a score of 65%.  In his Intro B test he scored 69.3%, placing him second out of seven.

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Thanksgiving Dinner at PRF - February 26, 2012

Here's a video of the first Thanksgiving Dinner we hosted at our home, courtesy of our nephew Chris Carter.

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We've Gone Solar - February 25, 2012

Pink Ribbon Farm has gone solar! We've installed a 12.73 kW Photovoltaic Array on the southern-facing side of the roof on our home. Click here to see a graph of the solar activity.

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Toby's Back! - February 18, 2012

Fames Rebellion (aka Toby) and Kris were the first to venture into the show ring this year.  And what a beautiful day we had, 50 degrees and sunny!  Toby was a little nervous at Just-A-Plain Farm with all the sheep, pigs, and cows to look at.  Once in the ring, he settled down and went to work.  His first test, Intro A, was nice.  He received a score of 65.0 which put him in second place.  In his second test, Intro B, he was more settled, confident, and forward.  We were very happy with his score of 71.875; placing first in a class of eight.

Toby returned to work about ten weeks ago on December 9, 2011, after five months off recovering from surgery for Wobbles Syndrome.  We’re very pleased with his progress and are hoping to get him cleared for canter work within the next month.

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