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October 18, 2013

Adequan®/USDF All-Breed Final Awards Standings are in!!  Sharon Sexton and Ebriz Rakkas+// were ranked in four sections!!

2nd Place          Arabian Training Level Amateur (69.000%)

3rd Place           Arabian First Level Amateur (63.629%)

5th Place           Arabian Training Level Open (68.600%)

11th Place         Arabian First Level Open (64.032%)

Way to go Sharon and Briz!!

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September 18 – 22, 2013

Arabian Sport Horse Nationals!!

Kris headed to Lexington, VA, for the SHN with Sharon Sexton and Ebirz Rakkas.  During the week, Sharon showed Briz in three First Level Championship classes; Open, Amateur to Ride, and Adult Amateur Owner to Ride.  In all three, they brought home National Top Ten Awards!!  What a wonderful way to end a very consistent year for this pair.  Kris also rode Briz in the Training Level Open Championship class and earned a National Top Ten Award.  Way to go Briz!!

Tracey Norcini and her hunter, IMA Irish Playboy, also went to SHN.  Brook Brown (Brownstone Stables) showed him in the Open Working Hunter Division.  Brook put in two beautiful jumping rounds, placing first and second, and then in the hack class they placed forth.  These combined to earn the pair a National Top Ten Award.  Tracey then rode Irish in the first cut of the Sport Horse Under Saddle, AAOTR, class and made the cut to move to the Finals.  In the Finals, they put in a very consistent ride, but did not make the Top Ten.  Not a bad showing considering that Kris and Tracey had only been working with him for one month before the show!  We’re looking forward to seeing this pair in the dressage ring next year.

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September 15, 2013

2013 was the year for the OPRC’s National Rally.  Kris organized a day of Halter Handling/Trail classes for the Charlie Horse Riding Club Chapter.  The event was held at the KA Equestrian Center in Cochranville.  The first class was the OPRC National Rally Trail Class (course specified by the OPRC).  Kris’s student, Gerry Lamenzo, and his mule, Doc Holiday, won the class with a nice margin.  Another student, Mary Jane Arden, and her horse, Dallas, tied for second place.  This was Gerry and Mary Jane’s first time competing in Trail! 

Kris designed two Halter Handling and three Trail Courses to add to the day.  In those classes, Mary Jane and Dallas took home two firsts, one third, and one forth.  Gerry and Doc took home a first, second, and third.  I think it’s safe to say these two will be doing more obstacles in the future!!  Congratulations to both of them.

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September 8, 2013

BRAHA held their annual Futurity Show at Heavenly Waters.  Pink Ribbon Farm was well represented again this year in the Halter Handling/Trail classes. 

Kris handled/rode Gerry Lamenzo’s mule, Doc Holiday, in three Halter Handling and three Trail Classes.  They won four of their classes and were second and third in the other two.  This was Doc Holiday’s debut in the trail ring!!

Doug Binder and his pony, Sir Oliver, also paired up for the Halter Handling and Trail Classes.  They brought home two blue ribbons in their first time showing in these classes.  Way to go Doug and Ollie!

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August 24 and September 2, 2013

Kris held two Halter Handling/Trail Obstacle Clinics.  Both were well attended with a waiting list!  Everyone had a great time working their equines (two mules attended) through a multitude of trail obstacles based on USEF Regulations.  Look for future dates for more Trail Clinics!

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August 11, 2013

Pink Ribbon Farm was well represented at Blue Goose Stable’s Annual Pink Flamingo Dressage Schooling Show.  Sharon Sexton and Ebriz Rakkas showed in Second-1 and earned a score of 64.0%; they also showed for the first time in Second-2 and earned a score of 61.579%.  The pair came home with a first and a second place ribbon!

Paul DeLillio and Santa Catilina are back in the show ring after a 3-year lay-off.  They rode in First-1 and First-3, earning scores of 65.345% and 65.645% for the blue ribbon in both classes!  Nice comeback!

Jamie Bays and her horse, Pink Lemonade Shooter (aka Dallas), rode Intro-B and earned the blue ribbon with a score of 70.0%  They went back down center line riding Intro-B (HC) and received a score of 70.9% with a smoother ride.  This was Dallas’ first time in a dressage show after a career on the race track, having a few babies, and taking on the hunter/jumper ring.  Now she’s trying her hoof at eventing!  Not a bad start!

Thanks to Darcy Miller and Blue Goose Stables for a great day!


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August 7, 2013

Kris rode Liz Hausner’s horse, Blue Shadow, today at Dressage at Blue Goose III.  They showed under two judges and won both the Training Level Test 1 (70.833%) and Test 2 (75.179%).  The pair received 9’s on their trot diagonals from one judge and the comment “A pleasure to judge this harmonious pair” from the other judge.

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August 5, 2013

We just returned from the Arabian East Coast Championships where Sharon Sexton and Ebriz Rakkas won Reserve Champion in both the Purebred Training Level (75.0%) and First Level             (71.129%) Amateur to Ride classes!  Sharon and Briz are consistently at the top of their classes and we are really looking forward to the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals in September!

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July 8, 2013

This past weekend was the Arabian Region 15 Championship Show in Lexington, VA.  Sharon Sexton and her horse Ebriz Rakkas had an amazing show.  They brought home the Championship Roses in both the Purebred Training Level and First Level Amateur to Ride classes, with scores that were a full five points higher then the Reserve Champions!!!  They also earned the Reserve Champion ribbon in the Purebred Training Level Open class; this class had 19 horses.  Congratulations to Sharon and Briz for a great weekend!

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July 3, 2013

Liz Hausner trotted down center line today at Dressage at Blue Goose II, her first USDF recognized dressage show.  Aboard Blue Shadow, the pair brought home the blue ribbon in both of their classes; Training Level, Test 1-ATR and Intro B-ATR.  Congratulations!  What a great way to move up from the schooling shows!

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June 19, 2013

It was back to the Horse Park of NJ last weekend for Sharon Sexton and Ebriz Rakkas.  On Friday, they were second in First Level, Test 3, and they finished first in Training Level, Test 3.  Their score in Training Level earned them the High Score Amateur Rider for the day!  On Saturday, they finished first in First Level, Test 3, and they finished second in Training Level, Test 3, with a score of 71.8%! 

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June 9, 2013

What a Spring!!  We had five weekends in a row with shows, ranging from local schooling shows to a 3-day recognized Arabian show at the Horse Park of New Jersey! 

For Mary Jane Arden and her horse, Dallas, it was the first time in a dressage show for both of them.  At the first schooling show, Kris rode Dallas in Intro A and B, receiving scores of 69% and 70%.  At the next schooling show, Mary Jane rode the Intro A test with a score of 66%!  Kris rode the Intro B test to a score of 74%.  At their third schooling show, Mary Jane again rode the Intro A test and received a score of 70%.  Kris rode the Intro B test and received a score of 71%.  I think Mary Jane and Dallas have made a great start and we’re looking forward to seeing them go down center line a lot more!

Due to an injury with SH Nuveau, Doug Binder is back on his pony, Sir Oliver.  Doug obviously learned a great deal on Nuveau, because the pair went to two schooling shows, competing in their usual Intro B and Training 1 and then moving up to Training 3.  They earned scores into the mid-60’s.  We’re proud of Doug for moving up to Training 3 on his 20+ year old hunter pony!  And kudos to him for a training job well done, as Kris doesn’t ride Ollie at all!

Liz Hausner and Blue Shadow also showed at a schooling show in Intro B with a score of 66% and Training 1 with a score of 62%.  This was their first show at Training Level.

Sharon Sexton and Ebriz Rakkas showed all five weekends in tests ranging from Training 1 (to prep for the US Sport Horse Nationals) to their debut at Second 1.  Their median score for Training Level at two recognized shows was 68.6%!  They also rode First 3 and broke the 70% mark at a schooling show with a 76.77%!  Sharon and Briz rode Second 1 at three schooling shows with scores from 60% to 65%!  We’re looking forward to this pair at the Arabian Championship shows this year!     

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April 1, 2013

Instead of hibernating through the cold winter here at Pink Ribbon Farm, we decided to expand our barn.  We hired LanChester Builders from Honey Brook, PA, to do the construction after we saw what a nice job they did on Second Nature Farm’s new indoor.  The new addition has four more stalls for boarders, two stalls for short term training, an equipment stall, and a boarders’ tack stall with lockers.  All of this with the same high ceilings in the stalls and wonderful air flow.  The new addition is now ready for horses so check out these photos or stop by and we’ll be happy to give you a tour!


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March 29 and 30, 2013

Spring must be here since the show season has started!  Pink Ribbon Farm students headed to two shows this weekend.  We even had nice weather!

At Second Nature Farm’s schooling show on Good Friday, Tracey Norcini and her horse SH Nuveau showed in First Level, Tests 1 and 3, receiving scores of 66.55 and 65.65.  Doug Binder also showed SH Nuveau in Intro B and Training Level, Test 1, scoring 68.44 and 65.21.  This was Doug’s first show with Nuveau!  Liz Hausner showed her horse Blue Shadow in Intro A and B and earned amazing scores of 78.44 and 75.31.  Liz was the Masters High Score Rider of the show!!

Saturday, at Blue Goose Stable’s schooling show, Sharon Sexton and Ebriz Rakkas rode in Training Level, Tests 1 and 3, earning scores of 66.46 and 67.6.

What a great start to the show season! 

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